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Library Genesis, or Libgen, houses a vast collection of over 2.4 million non-fiction books, 80 million science articles, and more. The 2024 guide provides updated links, usage tips, and conversion instructions for ePUB to MOBI, along with e-reader recommendations.

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The guide, regularly updated, provides detailed walkthroughs for notable public domain works such as “Dracula” and “Pride and Prejudice.” Users are encouraged to bookmark this page to ensure easy and continuous access to the most current information.

What is Library Genesis?

Library Genesis, often called Libgen, is a comprehensive digital library providing complimentary access to various eBooks, articles, and PDFs across several languages. It primarily focuses on scholarly and research-oriented content and includes many fiction and non-fiction books. The collection covers a spectrum from celebrated literature and poetry to comics, travel manuals, and culinary guides. With resources available in favored formats such as epub, pdf, and mobi, downloading to desktop and mobile devices is straightforward.

How to Use Libgen?

Library Genesis operates as an online library, with its availability spanning multiple web addresses, which may change or cause brief interruptions in service. To access the library’s content, begin by navigating to one of the main URLs provided:

Official Library Genesis Website Links:

  • (Working – April 2024)
  • (Working – April 2024)
  • (Working – April 2024)

Should you face difficulties or receive privacy alerts when attempting to access Library Genesis sites, refer to the ‘Library Genesis is not Working’ guide for troubleshooting strategies. A reliable approach involves downloading and utilizing the Tor browser, known for circumventing these types of obstacles. Annas Archive presents itself as an additional resource, functioning as a search engine for Sci-Hub, LibGen, and Z-Library. For those specifically seeking books, Z-library offers itself as another viable option.

Library Genesis website not working?

If accessing a Genesis Library link is problematic because of privacy notifications or error alerts, this might stem from various sources like ISP or government restrictions, browser security configurations, or limitations set by firewall/antivirus software. Employing a VPN or the TOR browser could offer a workaround. To determine whether the challenge is specific to your device, consider using a tool such as By inputting the Libgen URL there, you can ascertain if the site is reachable from different geographical points.

Once on Libgen, enter a Search phrase, choose a category, choose “Simple” or “Detailed” results, then click on “Search”.

Step 2 – Using Search

You can quickly find books by entering details such as title, author, genre, or area of interest into the search bar. Filters for Sci-Tech, Fiction, or Comics help narrow your search, and combining the author’s name with the book title increases accuracy. Results can be viewed in a simple text format or a detailed layout with covers and publication info. Further refine searches with options for publisher, year, language, and format, plus adjust how many results you see.

Step 3 – Finding Your Book on Library Genesis

Searching for books on Library Genesis yields outcomes in two primary visual arrangements. Here’s a guide to understanding and utilizing these formats effectively:

Basic Layout:

  • This view lists books in rows, highlighting different versions or translations available.
  • For instance, searching for “Critique of Pure Reason” might display an array of critical essays and editions linked to Kant.

Selecting Your Preferred Edition:

  • Identify the edition that aligns with your preferred format and linguistic needs.
  • If the required format or language is not immediately visible, apply the “extension” and “language” sorting options.

Securing Your Selection:

  • Once you’ve set the filters, browse the list arranged in alphabetical order to pinpoint the exact version you’re seeking.
Library Genesis
With simple search, scroll down the results, find your chose book and choose a mirror download link.

Each file format comes with its own set of pros and cons. PDFs are universally compatible but can be more extensive and less adaptable than e-book-specific formats such as epub and Mobi. These e-reader-friendly formats provide more precise, adjustable content, enhancing the reading experience. Unlike PDFs’ fixed layout, which may not display well across various devices, epub files, in particular, are preferred for their flexibility and high-quality presentation on tablets and smartphones.

If you choose “Detailed” results, the list will include the book cover, if available, the ISBN number, and more. Click on the Title for all mirror links, then choose a Mirror.

Step 4 – Download Your Book on Library Genesis

After selecting the desired book format, you’ll notice multiple links in the right-hand column. These five mirrors provide identical files, ensuring availability. Mirror 1 offers the easiest download option—right-click and open it in a new tab to save the book directly to your device.

On the right hand side of the results, note the Extension, and the 5 Mirror links. Click on Mirror 1.

Step 5 – Using Libgen Mirror Links

You will see several links on the right side when choosing your preferred book format. There are five mirror links for the file, guaranteeing availability. The first mirror is the simplest for downloading; right-click it and open a new tab to download the book to your device.

  • Mirror 1: Direct Library Genesis link for easy download.
  • Mirror 2: Similar to Mirror 1 but includes ads.
  • Mirror 3: Redirects to Z-library.
  • Mirror 4: Involves extra steps, eventually leading back to Mirror 1.
  • Mirror 5: Has many pop-ups; use as a last resort and be cautious of malware.

Step 6 – Enjoy Your Book

After downloading your selected book from Genesis Library, you can explore its pages. Genesis Library also offers a variety of audiobooks across genres like fiction, non-fiction, textbooks, and scholarly works. Search for audiobooks using the title, genre, or author to find what you’re interested in. Once you locate your audiobook, click the download link to save it to your computer or mobile device.

  • Access a variety of audiobooks.
  • Open Culture: Free audiobooks, including classics and popular genres.
  • Librivox: Volunteer-driven site with public domain audiobooks.
  • Subscription service with a wide audiobook library.
  • Scribd: Subscription access to audiobooks, ebooks, and documents.
  • OverDrive: Borrow audiobooks from local libraries.

Quick Guide to Library Genesis Downloading – Video.

If navigating Genesis Library, locating the correct book, or starting the download process for a book or ePub file proves challenging, consider watching a short video tutorial. Such a tutorial can visually walk you through the process, simplifying it and enhancing user-friendliness. Viewing a tutorial is an efficient way to familiarize yourself with Libgen/Library Genesis and improve your overall experience.

Books in The Public Domain

The ‘Public Domain’ refers to a vast collection of creative works, from novels and songs to movies, not protected by copyright or trademark laws. These works are considered communal property, free from the exclusive ownership of any author or artist. As such, these pieces of art and literature can be freely used by anyone without permission.

When a book or any creative work becomes part of the public domain, it’s typically due to one of four reasons:

  • Copyright expiration: The time limit on the copyright has run out.
  • Renewal issues: The copyright owner needed to comply with renewal regulations.
  • Nature of work: The work isn’t covered by copyright law.
  • Voluntary release: The creator has intentionally made the work public domain, often called ‘dedication.’

These scenarios lead to the work becoming freely available for everyone to use.

In the United States, the public domain is determined by a specific guideline: works published before 1925 automatically enter the public domain. Items published between 1925 and 1978 stay under copyright protection for 95 years, assuming the copyright was appropriately registered and renewed.

Books that are in the public domain include:

  • The novels of Jane Austen
  • William Shakespeare’s plays
  • Works by Lewis Carroll
  • Mary Shelley’s stories
  • Philosophical writings by Plato
  • Charles Dickens’ classic tales
  • Walt Whitman’s poetry
  • Edgar Allan Poe’s mysterious works

These authors’ creations are available worldwide in the public domain because they died more than 100 years ago.

You can access digital versions of these books on platforms like Libgen, where they are offered as ebooks.

Library Genesis Alternatives

There’s a diverse array of valuable ebook resources available, each with its strengths:

Project Gutenberg

  • Established in 1971.
  • Offers around 60,000 ebooks, primarily public domain works in the U.S.
  • Includes classic fiction and non-fiction.
  • Ebooks are available with images or in plain text.
  • Provides direct downloads and options to send files to Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

Google Books

  • A vast database with about 40 million titles.
  • Offers full-text books, sample pages, and search-only titles.
  • Provides snippets of content for specific books.


  • Claims to be the world’s most extensive ebook library.
  • Similar to Library Genesis, which has over 5 million titles.
  • Offers a mix of fiction, non-fiction, contemporary books, and essential research articles.
  • The website includes up-to-date links for access.


  • Started by a computer programmer in 2011.
  • Supports the Open Access movement.
  • Focuses on research articles.
  • Provides free access to expensive academic journal content.

  • A solid source for research and academic content.
  • Primarily uses fb2 format, an XML-based, compressible, searchable ebook format.

Each platform is a unique gateway to a wealth of knowledge, catering to different needs, from classic literature to cutting-edge research.

Is Libgen Safe to Use?

When using Libgen, it’s crucial to navigate with caution, given various safety concerns. Despite being a favored source for many ebooks, understanding potential risks and taking necessary precautions to safeguard oneself is essential.

  • Malware Risks: Using Libgen, like any online resource, carries the risk of malware. This is a common concern across many websites, not just Libgen. To mitigate this risk, employing reputable antivirus software is essential for safely downloading files from the internet, including those from Libgen, to detect and block potential malware.
  • Copyright Trolls: Libgen can attract copyright trolls, who issue mass DMCA takedown notices, sometimes attempting to extort money from individuals for downloading copyrighted content. Should you receive such a notice from using Libgen, promptly addressing it is crucial. Seeking legal advice in these instances can clarify your rights and possible actions.

Safety Tips for Using Libgen:

  • Virus Protection: Always have up-to-date antivirus software running when you download files, not just from Libgen but from any online source.
  • Source Verification: Try to download files from sources you trust. This might involve some research or relying on recommendations from trusted forums or communities.
  • Copyright Awareness: Be informed about the copyright laws applicable in your region. This helps in understanding the legality of downloading certain materials.
  • Responding to Legal Notices: If you receive a DMCA notice related to your use of Libgen, it’s important to respond promptly and consider consulting with a legal expert.

These precautions can help you navigate the use of Libgen more safely and responsibly.


Is Library Genesis legal?

Its legality varies by country, as it operates in a legal gray area due to potential copyright violations.

How does it work?

LibGen is a search engine and repository where users can find and download books and scholarly articles in various formats for free.

What content is available?

It offers academic texts, scientific papers, fiction, magazines, comics, reference materials, and more.

Do I need to register?

No, it’s open-access and requires no registration.

How can I access it?

Use a web browser to find active mirror sites; their availability may change.

Is it safe?

Generally, yes, but always verify site authenticity to avoid malicious imitations.

Can it be used for educational purposes?

Yes, it’s a valuable resource for accessing various academic materials.

Are there risks?

Yes, primarily legal risks related to downloading copyrighted materials without authorization.

How does LibGen handle copyright?

The platform doesn’t verify the copyright status of uploads; users are responsible for compliance.

Is there a mobile app?

There is no official app, but some third-party options may offer mobile access.

Can I contribute to or support LibGen?

Yes, you’re legally allowed to share by uploading content and advocating for open access.

Can I request specific materials?

Direct requests aren’t supported, but varied search methods might help.

How do I stay updated on its status?

Follow online forums, social media, and academic discussions for updates.

Is commercial use allowed?

No, using LibGen for commercial purposes is illegal.

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